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Making Skiing Easier, Lighter & Safer

Making Skiing Easier, Lighter & Safer

iGates® are a new gate system for ski racing. We offer a modern approach to slalom gates and provide new technology. We help skiers explore their own unique way of racing with our enhanced gate system. Our quality gates are enabling a safe skiing and racing experience.

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Why Choose iGates®

Why Choose iGates®
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Suitable in extreme cold temperatures.
  • Easy to roll-up when not in use.
  • Superior wind stability.
  • Ready for the top-racers and spectators.
  • Low inertia and lightweight (360 gm).
  • UV stabilized high visibility colors.
  • Additional ski edge protection area.
  • Replaces any gate panels.
  • Act as career extender for racers.
Premium Quality

Our gates are comprised of ballistic nylon with urethane and aramid ballistic components. This helps the gates to remain stable in freezing temperatures and allows skiers to avoid injuries.

Our Journey

Stefan A. Dag, the founder and CEO spends his time with Alexandra, his wife. He goes back and forth between Tirol, his homeland, and Colorado in the USA.

Stefan Dag uniquely contributed to ski racing. Together with Peter Laehy, he invented and patented the original hinged slalom gate for snow skiing 1977/86: Rapidgate®. After several years of continuous development, unending passion, and dedication, he invented Airkipp®iGates®, which is no less than the reincarnation. Now, iGates® will change ski racing.

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